Dj Whitness - Hurts So Good (Suave Assassins, Vancouver BC)

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    Smooth, deep blends of some of my favourite tunes.. Vocals, rolling basslines, double drops... This mix is a journey through the sounds of drum and bass that I love so much it hurts..... so good.

    Dj Whitness - Hurts So Good (Feb 2011) by Dj Whitness on SoundCloud

    Watch Your Step - Kabuki
    Skinz - Total Science
    Show Me the Lovin - Dj Hype & Dj Zinc
    Swerve (Dj Marky & S.P.Y. Remix) - Jakes (Feat. TC)
    Trick Me (Artificial Intelligence Remix) - Kelis
    Riff Raff - S.P.Y & Dj Marky
    I Need Air (Digital Soundboy Remix) - Magnetic Man
    Stop Frontin (Original MIx) - A Sides
    Ill Behaviour - Danny Byrd
    Halo (Original Mix) - DC Breaks
    My Baby Left Me (DC Breaks Remix) - Rox
    Gimp Mask (Dj Marky & S.P.Y. Remix) - Twisted Individual
    Slow Down feat Die (Original MIx) - Die, Break
    Link to the Past - Loadstar
    Lifecycle - Dj Friction
    Time After Time (Original Mix) - Break
    Bad Red (Original Mix) - Culture Shock
    Missing Link - Nu Tone
    The Recluse (Netsky Remix) - Plan B
    Bass Face - Break
    Talkbox (Camo & Krooked Remix) - Dj Fresh
    Shake My Ass - Liquid Stranger
    Let It Go - Urban Assault
    The Smoker (Remix) - Shimon, Sparfunk
    Stand Up feat. Dynamite MC - Dynamite MC, Camo, Friction, Krooked
    Hand Grenade - Twisted Individual
    Gold Dust VIP - Dj Fresh

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