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    Oct 12, 2005
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    Mastermind Records Mix Vol 1


    Track List

    Eddy Woo - Abyss (Mastermind)
    EZ Rollers - Here I am (Basher Rmx) (Mastermind)
    Basher - Roc ya sole
    James Brown - The Boss (Dexcell Rmx) (Mastermind)
    State Of Mind & Tiki - Kinetic
    Basher - Stand Your Ground
    Sigma - El Presidente Vip
    Nero - Act like u know
    Eddy Woo - The Eyes Are Watching (Mastermind)
    The Qemists - On the run Vip (Feat Jenna G)
    Kidi Kuda - Day and Night (TC Remix)
    Dexcell - Midnight Circuit (Mastermind)
    Eddy Woo - Deep Inside (Mastermind)
    Eddy Woo & Moving Fusion - Jazz Man (Mastermind)
    Eddy Woo - Aquire Taste (Mastermind)
    Shock One - True Believer
    EZ Rollers - Pages (Mastermind)
    Amber Melody - Plastic Faces (Universal Project Rmx) (Mastermind)
    Perfection - Miss Guided Youth (Mastermind)
    Dexcell - Fallen (Mastermind)
    Basher - Cozmos
    Inner Party City - Die Tonight (The Qemists Remix)
    >>> Dillinja - Hard Noize
    DJ Kentaro - Rainy Day (The Qemists Remix)
    State Of Mind - Flawless (Sigma Remix)
    Perfection - Turn It Up (Mastermind)
    Eddy Woo Rehab (Mastermind)
    Heitor (Brazil) - I Can Not Stop (Mastermind)
    Eddy Woo - Alone (Mastermind)
    Eddy Woo - Moving Away (Mastermind)
    Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Time Remix.
    Eddy Woo - Harlem (Mastermind)
    >>> EZ Rollers - Here I Am (Mastermind)

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