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A: Cyber Seduction B: Bonesaw

C: Search & Destroy D: Warmachine

The follow up from Vengeance's debut single featuring tracks ‘Up Yours' and ‘No Mercy' released back in Oct 2007 on Deadly Records DEAD012.

‘Cybernetic Orgasms' E.P. Features four tearing dance floor tracks with a sci-fi horror theme. These tunes have energetic well constructed beats with a combination of heavy bass sounds, epic sounding intros, strong bass hooks and sci-fi sound effects, with a jump up twist - the makings of a winning formula. To sum it all up ‘Cybernetic Orgasms' brings positive vibrations, no doubt these tunes in this collection will be in the front of your record box for a long time to come! This is definitely one for the headz!

Cyber Seduction

Intricate synth pattern and teasing of the bassline with hot passionate seductive sounds, before the tune drops with big lashing beats, combining bouncy basslines with raw gritty hooks and synth stabs, all of this combining for a stomping smasher that will whip the dance floor into a frenzy.


Hook line ‘I wanna hear you scream', building up with a bonesaw revving, victim screaming and heart beat kick in the background, builds the tension to deliver dirty basslines, catchy hooks and tight punchy beats. Eerie sound effects complete the horror style element to this track. Dirty jump up roller that will have the crowd screaming for the reload.

Search & Destroy

Intro starts with a dark synth arrangement creating an atmospheric build up to this dark jump up roller. Dropping with punchy energetic beats and solid kick drum pattern, the raw bass lines straining with catchy hook line's and sci-fi sound effects, adds to the futuristic style of this track, this is one for the rough riders!


No need to say when you hear the intro you will know where the classic theme tune comes from. The track drops in with punchy energetic beats. Relentless bass lines progress throughout the whole tune with hooks that will keep the audience on their toes. A rolling jump up bubbler from start to finish which has a movie style angle to it. All the elements combining for a non-stop dance floor work out.

Cybernetic Orgasms Promo Date: July 2008

Full Release Date approx: Sept 2008

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