DJ Vapour - This is drum n bass 3 deck guest mix

vapour 36 hertz
May 17, 2009
heres a guest mix i did for the nice guys over at

read the full interview here:

1. DJ Vapour & Panache 'Jungle Guy' - Legacy LP (36 Hertz)
2. Taxman 'Distorted Reality'
3. DJ Vapour 'No Smoke' (Rufige)
4. DJ Vapour ft Jasmine Knight 'Wont Let You Feel' - Legacy LP (36 Hertz)
5. Callide 'Axe' (System Shock Recordings)
6. Bladerunner 'The Lone Ranger' (True Bass)
7. Callide 'Lost In The Dance' (36 Hertz)
8. Skitty 'Warehouse Days'
9. Gridlock 'Jitters' (Ram Records)
10. DJ Vapour & Hades 'Ignition' - Legacy LP (36 Hertz)
11. Lighterman 'This Is Dangerous' (36 Hertz)
12. Zed Bias 'Further Away' (Dawn Raid Remix)
13. John Rolodex 'Connector' (Machinist Music)
14. Fracture and Neptune 'The Limit' (Astrophonica)
15. Bladerunner 'Take Me Higher' (True Bass)
16. A sides 'Vent'
17. Dan Miracle 'Hyperbolic Time' (Chamber)

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