DJ Vapour - Sting in the tail REMIXES - 36 hertz

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    A - DJ Vapour - Sting in the tail (Cash in on dubstep VIP) -

    AA - DJ Vapour -Sting in the tail (Noah D dubstep remix -


    10" VINYL (200 PROMOS + 300 FINISHED)

    Digital download available from the 36 hertz mp3 store on day of finished vinyl release -

    Originally intended as just a VIP mix for a select few DJ's the buzz got so big that we have done a LIMITED press of this killer track.

    Backed up with a stinking Dubstep remix from fast rising dubstep producer Noah D this will be the first in a series of a limited 10" remix collection.

    36 Hertz recordings.

    Release schedule:

    36htz001 - dj vapour "sting in the tail" B/W hades "the break" - out now

    36htz002 - dj vapour "porn of the dead" B/W serum "badboy" - out now

    36htz003 - dj madd "to the massive" B/W hades "the break" (serum remix) – out now

    36htz004 - dj vapour "terminated" B/W niskala "dive" – out now

    36htz001R - dj vapour "sting in the tail" (cash in on dubstep vip) B/W (noah d dubstep remix) - promos april

    36htz005 - dj vapour "paper cuts" B/W dj madd "dancers riddem" - promos may

    36htz002R - dj vapour "porn of the dead" (dj madd remix) B/W dj madd "to the massive" (dj vapour remix) - promos june

    Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of the 36 hertz website at