--- DJ Vapour - Multi Genre Mash up Wonky Donkey Mix - March 2013 ---

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Here is a mix of all of the weird and wonderful different styles of music i have found over the past few months with some old and some new dubs

Ant & Dec - Wonkey Donkey
Rewind - I need your love
Major Lazer ft Flux Pavillion - Jah No Partial
The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die (Liam H Re- Amped Version)
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads will Roll (Kid Kamillion Edit)
Indigo Virus - Its A Trap
Code 305 - Floppy Fay
Breakage - Hard
Konjah - Make A Move
Brukrode - Machine Love
North Base - Future
DJ Vapour - Feel The Vibe
Freestyle & DJ R - Madness
Unknown - Jammin VIP
Buku - Janky
Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
DJ Vapour - Untitled
Brukrode - Kalor
Jem One - Massive
ESP - Spread Love
Redlight - SOurce 16
Nas - The Don (Lady Bee Remix - Vapour re edit)
Kid Cudi - Day and night (Crookers mix)
Reach and Spin - Hyper Funk
Cool hand Flex - Lock Me Up

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