36 Hertz recordings presents

DJ Vapour "Legacy" the album tour

Needing no introduction DJ Vapours 36 hertz recordings has all ready paved a way to the very top of the DNB scene with releases such as "Paper cuts" and " Sting in the tail" soaring to the top of both of the vinyl and download charts.

To coincide with DJ Vapours debut artist LP "Legacy" Vapour has teamed up with the new exclusive signing to 36 hertz recordings the Jungle drummer to showcase "Legacy" LIVE!

The show will feature DJ Vapour playing a selection of tracks from the "Legacy" LP alongside the chart topping hits that helped make his name in the DNB scene, such as "Paper cuts", "Sting in the tail", "Mr mingus" and the "Dark soldier" remix.

On the drums will be the jungle drummer the most sought after live performer in DNB history. This will be The jungle drummers first fully LIVE show without a DJ since his infamous last LIVE projects "London electricity LIVE" and "Craggz and parallel forces LIVE"

Hosting and crowd interaction will be provided by MC Fozz, Long standing Breakthru and Metalheadz resident MC Fozz's original hosting style has seen him performing at events not just in the UK but all over the worldwide DNB scene

"Legacy" LIVE will be a full sonic onslaught with no click tracks, playback or triggers what you hear and what you see will be played 100% live making each show - in the current climate completely unique. Featuring LIVE remixes of the tracks with elements of Jungle, Drum N bass, Dubstep, Hip hop, Ragga, Old skool and pure bass line flavours.

The jungle drummer will be improvising for the whole show and playing off DJ Vapour and the crowd reaction making for the most exciting LIVE show on the road right now!

All ready off of a few samples of the album tracks being on-line DJ Vapour and Jungle drummer have dates booked for this tour all over the UK and Europe.

To coincide with the LIVE shows DJ Vapour will also be performing some exclusive DJ shows as part of the tour to take in some smaller venues and harder to reach places. Allready known for his DJ sets with his monthly studio mixes hitting over 4000 downloads each and his performances taking in europe wide countries. Aswell as some huge dates in the UK such as Global gathering, Fabric and Matter and with sets on global radio stations such as BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1Xtra, Kiss FM and Kool FM. DJ Vapour is now showcasing his DJ skills with an EXCLUSIVE 3 deck CDJ experience consisting of the most up front tracks and exclusives from not only himself but also the rest of the 36 Hertz crew

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