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Mar 27, 2007
Dan Miracle "Set It Off Now" (CDR)
Digital "Oy On Mi 'Ead Son" (CDR)
Bladerunner "Release The Kraken" (CDR)
Commix & Rufige Kru "Envy" (CDR)
Zero T & Mosus "Monarch" (Soul:r)
High Contrast "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Jonny L Remix)" (Hospital)
Optical "The Shining (Ed Rush & Optical Remix)" (Metro)
Cause 4 Concern "Reality Check" (CDR)
Subwave "3 Days In A Bedroom" (CDR)
Ray Keith "Sing Time (Explicit Remix)" (CDR)
Hades "The Break" (36 Hertz – 36HTZ001AA)
DJ Vapour "Terminated" (36 Hertz – 36HTZ004A)
Dan Miracle "Universal (Menacer Remix)" (CDR)
DJ Madd "To The Massive (DJ Vapour Remix)" (36 Hertz – 36HTZ002RAA)
DJ Vapour "Sting Dem" (CDR)
DJ Vapour "Porn Of The Dead (DJ Madd Remix)" (36 Hertz – 36HTZ002RA)
Synapse "Avenged" (unsigned(!) CDR)
HLZ (the artist formerly known as Hellraizer) "Clampdown" (36 Hertz – 36HTZ006AA)
Serum & Bladerunner "Snake Fist" (CDR)
Niskala "Dive" (36 Hertz – 36HTZ004AA)
Columbo "Hungary (DJ Madd Remix)" (CDR)

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