Dj Twisted first ever recording

DnB Skanker

DnB Skanker
Aug 21, 2007
well ppz ive been mixin since 2 weeks b4 crimbo and this is my first
recording if any1 cud giv me sum tips ect id b v gr8ful b honest but not too harsh :p thanks in advance :D

die & break - comin from the top
die & interface - getting there
tc - the old texaco garage vip
original sin - decibal
original sin - dont b silly
hazard - killaz dnt die
hype - onli one life (cc remix)
jaydan - what you want
aftersun (jaydan rmx)
original sin - cheater cheater
heist - ambush
Taxman - original ninja
pleasure - stingray
???? - ?????
cabbie - mr jah
??? - sounds of silence
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