DJ Trench- "Buckin'em Down"


Kryteria Crew
What's up guys\gals, got a track up on my MySpace called "Buckin'em Down".... it's a hip-hop influenced DNB track with some Jedi Mind Tricks vocals. Check it out if you got a min.


I just signed up for the site yesterday, seems like most people on here are into the jump-up sound (this track is not), but if your into hip-hop style DNB you might like this one. Just curious what people on the other end of the pond think of my tunez.

Big upz to DNBFORUMS.COM! This site is dope, there so many people on here... it's like a party in my computer.

Also, since I'm new I hope i posted this in the correct forum... If not let me know, I'll make the change.