Dj Trax & Nucleus US Tour late 08'

Ola dnb heads. I'm stoked to announce that Dj Trax and Nucleus are planning a US tour in late 08. o_O

Most heads will know Dj Trax and Nucleus from there multiple releases on labels like Moving Shadow, Metalheadz, Paradox Music, Reinforced, Good Looking, 13 Music, Vibez and many more. :banana:

These guys can't be held down to one style. They currently have a monthly residancy at "the castle" where they lay down 8 hours of solid dance beats. If it's funky they can play it. Add to that the turntable wizardy from Nucleus and Dj Trax and you have hours of sick entertainment. Playing drum & bass, funk, jazz, hip hop, house, disco, breaks, broken beat etc, there is nothing they can't deliver. :cowbell:

This is a DnB tour promoting their many new and upcoming releases, but if you want more just say the word. :whipem:

This tour promises to bring it all. They are currently out promoting the new double 12" dropped on the Outsider Music label.

I'm looking to put this together over the next month or so. If you are interested in getting this world class duo in your town, contact me at

here are some links to myspace pages / mixes and discographies.

Dj Trax -

Nucleus -

Mixes - You will find a new dnb mix here as well as all genre mixes from their legendary "styles" session each month over the water

discography -

Hit em up and DON'T MISS OUT :slayer:
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Hello all had a few requests for an all Trax mix so heres the first of two. The second will follow shortly and will be downbeat-midtempo. The Mix features both released and unreleased Material. Enjoy.....


00:00 1/ `Sunlight` (Unreleased)
06:15 2/ `Tomorrows New Dawn` Exclusive Instrumental Mix (Crisis)
11:33 3/ `The Drummer Is The Heatbeat` (Outsider Music)
17:34 4/ `Depths`(Offset Recordings)
23:25 5/ `This One` (Subvert Central Recordings)
27:38 6/ `My Response` (Unreleased)
32:30 7/ `Lost My Tears` (Defcom Dub)
39:17 8/ `Creation` (Unreleased)
42:45 9/ `Lay Back` (Outsider Music)
49:41 10/`Warmth` (Paradox Music) :alf:
Hello All its about time i followed up the series. This ones features some tracks from the forthcoming Seba, ASC and Polar albums, along side some unsigned material and Forthcoming plates from your favorite labels. As allways grab it at Enjoy....

DJ Trax Forthcoming Attractions 3

1/ Polar `In The Middle Of Somewhere` Warm Comunications Dub
2/ Alaska + Nucleus `Aufeis` Arctic Dub (3:32)
3/ DJ Trax `A Thousand Pictures` Unsigned (8:18 )
4/ Male Dicent `Push Things` Unsigned (13:30)
5/ ASC `Cassini` Horizons Dub (16:30)
6/ NSF `Shadow In The Dark``(22:00)
7/ Nebula `Chords Of Sorrow` Subtle Audio Dub (25:40)
8/ Seba `Special Ops` Combination Dub (30:35)
9/ Markus Intalex `Skitzm` Soul R Dub (34:09)
10/ Ricky Force `Dreams` Unsigned (38:00)
11/ Myst`Absurd` 4th Dimension Dub` (41:43)

Thanks to all the artists and labels for your contributions.

Firefox Users may have to rename the file (for example Trax forthcoming:coffee:

hehe, now is the time for all the stateside junglist to hit me up about the tour. It will be Dj Trax who is coming stateside.

contact me at if you have ANY interest in bringing this guy to town. I'll be putting together flight prices at the end of the week, so I'd love to here from you now. :coffee: