Dj tombola mega mix


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Apr 7, 2009
wanted to know what u all thought of my mega mix, was just messing around with my recording program and took it a step further 9 hours later i have 51 tracks in 5 min, not bad for 9 hours work, check it out leave a comment, heres the track listing and link to video

Original sin-ohm
Hazard and d-minds-ho bass (with love games)
Original sin-d for danger
Original sin-decibel
Original sin-love games
Original sin decibel
Clipz grimey remix
Taxman-Frequency Scale
Bad company-The nine
Ed rush and optical and fierce-Alien girl
Distorted minds-anger me up
Clipz-grimey remix
Dj Pleasure-flesh eaters
Clipz-Loud and Dirty
Brookes Brothers-she tears you down
Majistrate-weapons of mass destruction
Taxman-The circle drop
Taxman-The circle (High contrast-if we ever)
Clipz-Wheres my money remix
High contrast-If we ever (brockie-repersents(chase n staus remix)
Tc-Game over
Dj Hazard-Busted
Original sin-cheater cheater
Shy Fx-Ra g-dub remix
Shy Fx-Ra Original sin remix
Chase n status-Smash Tv
Ez Rollers-Ready for love-Clipz Remix
Commix-Satellite Type 2
Nosia Façade VIP
Danny Byrd-Shock Out
Chase n Status-Take Me Away
Bad company-planet dust
Bad company-hornet
Moving fusion-Turbulence
Shy Fx-Feelings
Total science-wots my code
Roni size-26 Bass
Dj Fresh-Tomb raider
Xample-the Ladder
Taxman-Badboy danger
J Majik and Wickerman-Fleshwound G-dub remix
Brookes brothers-mistakes
Culture shock-Machine
Chase n status-Streetlife
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