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    Hi, i'm new to forum, i'll try to introduce myself but sorry for my bad English :/

    I was born in Tenerife, Spain at 1991, I'm a professional programmer, who met DnB at 2007 thanks to Sub Focus and Pendulum, with anthems like "Airplane", "X-Ray", "Tarantula" and others of the same age. Thereafter, I developed a passion for Drum and Bass, and became very interested in DJ-ing, in a entirelly self-teaching way, so I started mixing some anthems and trying to produce with programs as "FL-Studio" and "Madtracker", without much success.

    At 2010, I could access to a pair of CD players and a mixer. At the same year, I had the privilege of participating in a local DJ contest.

    From this moment on, I always mixed as hobby, at some birthday parties and other private celebrations, I've even gotten to have a small collection of vinyls, but I was forced to sell it for personal reasons. After a couple of years of absence, I'm trying to establish myself as a local DJ, and to get known where I live, and who knows, maybe outside too!

    Regarding to my influences, I would highlight Andy C, Sub Focus, Dj Hype and Pendulum. As a preferred styles, I would appoint Neurofunk and Jump Up, although depending on the moment, sometimes I prefer Raggajungle and maybe Liquid Funk (especially when driving a long journey xD)

    This is my soundcloud: (I mostly have some breakbeat remix production attempts, and the most are very old, don't jeer at me!)

    And that's all! Glad to know this forum :D
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    Hey there! Welcome!