DJ Tease RAM Mix Competition


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Hello everyone.

Went round my mates last night and gave it a go, I think I had 4 attempts and the furthest I got was 20mins in then hit a massive clang so gonna give it another shot tonight. I wanna make sure it's the best mix I've ever done. It's taken me all week to plan and it will be my first recorded 3 decker and hopefully it will be up before the weekend. Here's the track list if anyone cares to have a gander:

Ram Trilogy – Screamer VIP
>> Sub Focus – Let the Story Begin
>> Loadstar – Link to the Past
Sub Focus – Swamp Thing
>> Shimon – Hush Hush
Ram Trilogy – Milky Way
>> Origin Unkown – Lunar Bass (Commix VIP)
Noisia – Deception
>> Ram Trilogy – Titan
Moving Fusion – Turbulence
Noisia – Facade VIP
Moving Fusion – The Beginning
>> Xample – Lowdown
Chase & Status – Judgement
>>Wilkinson – Moonwalker
Fresh – Signal
Lomax – Artisan VIP
Origin Unknown – Valley of the Shadows
Culture Shock & Brookes Brothers – Rework
Sub Focus – Airplane
>> Wilkinson – Overdose
>> Andy C – Nightflight
>> Concept 2 – Cause n Effect