Drum & Bass DJ Syklone - I Know (Work In Progress)


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I'm finding the kick a bit weak so maybe try layering a nice low punchy one underneath, but if you do this make sure there are no overlapping frequencies in the low end so there are no phase issues which will cause the sound to be shit. Also the snare seems too loud to me as well as piercing which could be due to nasty frequencies, so maybe try some surgical eqing for that. Other than that I'd say the track could do with another section as well as shortening the main section but this is purely opinion. Some of this may be just me but I hope some of it helps :) Looking forward to hearing more tracks from you in future


DJ Syklone
Thanks Hynt. My kicks were heavier before, but I think they were too heavy compared to some released tracks. I think I will do some eqing on the rimshot layer of the snare. I kinda felt it was too high, but I was kinda going for the rimshot sound in it. I will definitely shorten the main section. Sounds like a good idea to keep it from sounding too repetitive. Still not sure what I want to do with the intro. I'll probably make my own synth instead of using that preset and layer some chords with it.

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