DJ Supreme's Turntable Trixters DVD Coming Soon

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    Apr 20, 2005
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    if anyone remembers DJ Supreme of UK group Hijack you will know that he, along with DJ Undercover, is a scratch legend. Check your Scratchcon2000 Pt.2 video, Q-bert names him as a personal influence and a scratch innovator. News is that DJ Supreme is releasing a movie, here are the press release details...

    DJ Supreme's, semi-biographical documentary, The Turntable Trixters (HIJACK 1986-1992), is set for Release in July 2005!

    The film covers the history of HIJACK as told by DJ Supreme and a host of featured guests including Ice T, Africa Islam, Q-bert, DJ Disk, Blade, Hardnoise, Gunshot, Prime Cuts, DJ Woody and many others. Add to this, exclusive HIJACK show footage and lots of scratching and you have a DVD that can't be missed.

    You can reserve your very own copy of this DVD exclusively at Reserving now means you avoid the rush later which typically leads to delays in shipping and availability of stock.

    So, if you're a HIJACK fan, Turntabalist, or UK Hip Hop fan don't leave this to the last minute.....reserve now with the quickness!!!!!

    PREVIEW: trixters_preview.WMV