DJ Summits Dezember Jump Up Mix + Tenminmix

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    listen n enjoy, feedback would be cool because im still new to djing and happy about any hints and tips


    Welcome to the Jungle (Tantrum Desire Remix) - Drumsound & Bassline Smith
    The Latter - Xample featuring Lomax
    Drink (Xample Remix) - TC
    Cold Turkey VIP - Drumsound Bassline Smith
    Deadline (Drumsound Bassline Smith Remix) - Digital
    X Project - DJ Fresh
    Shadow Knows - Shimon
    Get Shakey (Matrix & Futurebound Remix) - The Ian Care Project
    The Sun (2009) - Phesta & Shock One
    Everything - Muffler
    Illegal - Gridlok
    Mind feeders - Dom & Roland
    Screw Up (The upbeats Remix) - Ewun
    Binge Drinker - The upbeats
    Bullet Time (Spor Remix) - Maldini,Vegas & D-Bridge
    Take me to the Hospital (Subfocus Remix) - The Prodigy
    Hi Top (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) - Sigma
    Timewarp - Sub Focus
    Ghosts n stuff (Sub Focus Remix) - Deadmau5
    Act like you know - Nero
    Vampires VIP - Camo & Krooked

    and here is a tenminmix i did for the dj tutor tenminmix dj competion


    Timewarp - Sub Focus
    Ghosts n Stuff (Sub Focus remix) - Deadmau5
    Where┬┤s my Money - TC
    Technique - Dj Pleasure
    Vortex - Urban Assault
    Can you feel it - Drumsound and Bassline Smith
    Contra - Xample and Lomax