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    Hey Everyone,

    This is the premier mix as an Expansion Broadcast Resident which was
    recorded live on Jan 23rd, 2009.

    It features a variety of styles of DnB, sure to please every taste. I
    will be hosting a mix every month for Expansion Broadcast with an
    emphasis on the variety of DnB out there.

    Also, every month I will highlight a DJ/Producer/Artists who has
    brought forth new and exciting sounds for DnB. This month, I've
    higlighted the work of SEBA.Please check out and enjoy the mix.

    You can download and stream the mix, and also leave comments
    and feedback at

    Track Listing
    Paradigm X - Pivotal
    Fanu - My Beautiful Paranoia
    Roni Size - System Check
    Lynx - Carnivale
    Atlantic Connection - Touch This (ft. Kemst)
    Calibre - Stcal Roller
    Naibu - Newport
    Bal - Remebrance
    Subwave - Indigo
    ASC - Oceanography
    Calibre - Lectro
    Zero T - Go 4 Yours
    Q-bik - Nag Champa
    ICR - Playground
    Martyn - JW On A Good Night
    Artist Spotlight: SEBA
    Blaze And Fade Out
    As Long As It Takes
    Piemo for B
    ICR - Snowdrop
    Duo Infernale - Against the Grain
    Break - Last Chance
    Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction
    Boogie Times Tribe - The Dark Stranger
    >>Omni Trio - Renegade Snares VIP
    The Upbeats - Tilling Fields
    Noisia - Facade
    Xample ft Lomax - Contra
    >>Shimon & Andy C - Nighfight
    Baron - At the Drive In
    >>Klute - Ashram
    Artificial Intelligence - Desperado
    M.I.S.T. - Outaspace
    Culture Shock - Kronix
    >>Commix - Strictly

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