Drum & Bass DJ SS Presents: Medicin 4703 Seconds LP


Get ready for the most essential new album you will hear this year. The legendary DJ SS presents the 4073 Seconds LP from Medicin, an album which features not only a whole bunch of new music, but also mixes from SS himself, Rollz, Tantrum Desire and a cast of some of the hottest names in drum & bass right now.
Russian crew Medicin mix drum & bass, jungle, trip hip and a jazz aesthetic to create a unique take on electronic music, which is evidenced by the new album. At the core of Medicin are Evgeny Arsentev and Anton Khabibulin, who, with a range of local musicians, have put together the 4703 Seconds project, and, with the help of SS and Formation Records, are ready to stamp their mark on the scene as we look forward to 2014.

The album begins with the smooth, masterful sounds of the SS remix of Lifeline, a co-production wtih Electrosoul System. A booming yet contemplative track, with just enough of a classic feeling to complement its futuristic undertow, the remix works perfectly. SS is again on the remix of Autumn Attraction, a perfect idea for this time of year. Tracks like this and the acoustic-flavoured Chloe show how much of a force in drum & bass SS continues to be, after more than two decades in the game.

The album is not just your average d&b artist collection, in fact, far from it. Electronic Jazz is, well, just that, and the album is dotted with elements of hip hop, soul and funk. Formation have chosen well to push this album now, as it will be just what fans of eclectic, intelligent music will be crying out for. Sad Anymore (featuring Greenlaw) is a beautiful slice of sunshine, which will work easily in the clubs, but also for home listening. Indeed, the entire work appeals to a number of moods and situations, as the best albums do. The rolling Genetic Bros remix of Mass Age fits perfectly, adding layers of depth to an enthusiastic, sweet-sounding tune which will remind you of summer and good times.

Remixes are also provided by Tantrum Desire (Mobius Strip), Posh (Son Of A Pitch), and Rollz (Summer Drummer). 4703 Seconds contains just the right mix of go-ahead, straight in your face drum & bass, interesting electronic touches and some very well put together tracks (check the glorious Light Morning). Make sure you get involved, you won’t find a more varied album all year.

The album will be released on Formation Records on 18th November. Make sure you check http://soundcloud.com/formationrecords/sets/djss-presents-medicin/ for audio samples