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hello all just thought id say hello i see the addy for this forum at a breakneck event and thought id have a look too see what it wa all it goess its quite a cool web site nice one the way happy new year all hope you are all well and have recoverd ok from whatever you all have done for your new years eve bash.also i wonderd if anybody had any idea how i could pass a mix or something on to the organisers of breakneck to maybe get a set at one of there events as i have been playing for a while and now feel its about time i got out andf about and got my name known.if anybody can help me with this matter please can u get hold of me via my email addy wich is or either would be fine thnx. :readthis: i play for a dnb web site but im not sure if putting the addy in this post would be classed as advertising so if you would like to hear me play get hold of me on the above addys and ill give you the name of the web site,anyhow nice web site and i hope to here back from someone soon BIG UP ALL THE DNB HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is Dog Fort
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Welcome aboard mate, hope you enjoyed Breakneck NYE. The Breakneck guys n' girls post on here.