Dj Sly + Mc Trigga - Coalition Boxingday Bonanza

SDC Boxin Day Pack Review.

Goods: G Dub set is the best 1 (14:35 tune of the night on G Dub 1) 2nd Kane, 3rd Hazard, MC'S Trigga, Riddla, Spyda only 1's who actually perfromed Good. Skibadee & Spyda come along. Good PA's Trigga & Skepta "In a corner" Sly remixes the "In A Corner" with Shy Fx's "Wolf" nicely done & Shadyee's "Coalition Solider" on the Sly CD of course. All the lastest tunes are mostly played including; Pleasure's, Org Sin's, Hazard's, Taxman's etc. Some Legdenary One-Liners executed by the SDC.

Bads: No Bassman, Nicky Blackmarket, Majika. Worst MC = Nutcracka (silly voice nothing good to say, takes up virtually all the sets, even says "what they call me the new palmer" mate palmer is 10 times better than you), Some Sets Stop dues to fights & trouble on the dancefloor Hazard Set bout half way through is good example. The Mics are horrible with too much bass & distortion. Not enough of Juiceman & Shadyee also Eksman.

Overall. 6/10 its worth buying i liked Trigga espically, The Tunes on every CD are of top quality. Good for any SDC Fans a like. £16.99 Is reasonable could be little cheaper.