Dj-Sinister_39 Tunes Pack_for_dl!

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    Dj-Sinister_39 Tunes Pack_for_dl!

    heres a few tunes from the stuff i've been making for the past two years or more..
    play em , dj em , enjoy em!
    1.Activate - Dj-Sinister in mp3/Activate - Dj-Sinister.mp3

    2.Akra_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Akra_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    3.Alice In Darkland_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Alice In Darkland_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    4.Alien Hunter - Dj-Sinister in mp3/Alien Hunter - Dj-Sinister.mp3

    5.All That Matters - Dj-Sinister in mp3/All That Matters - Dj-Sinister.mp3

    6.Anathema in mp3/Anathema.mp3

    7.Atmosfear - Dj-Sinister in mp3/Atmosfear - Dj-Sinister.mp3

    8.Avalon - Dj-Sinister in mp3/Avalon - Dj-Sinister.mp3

    9.Black Dawn - Dj-Sinister in mp3/Black Dawn - Dj-Sinister.mp3

    10.Crashburn_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Crashburn_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    11.Creepy Crawler_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Creepy Crawler_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    12.Darkneck_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Darkneck_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    13.Domina - Dj-Sinister in mp3/Domina - Dj-Sinister.mp3

    14.Floating - Dj-Sinister in mp3/Floating - Dj-Sinister.mp3

    15.Give Into It _Dj-Sinister in mp3/Give Into It _Dj-Sinister.mp3

    16.Interstellar Overdrive_Dj-Sinister mp3/Interstellar Overdrive_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    17.Jingo_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Jingo_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    18.Let It Go_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Let It Go_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    19.Lights Out - Dj-Sinister in mp3/Lights Out - Dj-Sinister.mp3

    20.Medusa - Dj-Sinister in mp3/Medusa - Dj-Sinister.mp3

    21.Mixed Nuts_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Mixed Nuts_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    22.Moodswings_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Moodswings_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    23.Morlock_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Morlock_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    24.Munchies_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Munchies_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    25.Never Follow_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Never Follow.mp3

    26.Out Of Order - Dj-Sinister in mp3/Out Of Order - Dj-Sinister.mp3

    27.Reflex - Dj-Sinister in mp3/Reflex - Dj-Sinister.mp3

    28.Remote Control_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Remote Control_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    29.Sugar Lips - Dj-Sinister in mp3/Sugar Lips - Dj-Sinister.mp3

    30.Tear It All Down_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Tear It All Down_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    31.Temple Of Dust_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Temple Of Dust_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    32.The Awakening_Dj-Sinister in mp3/The Awakening_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    33.The Day After - Dj-Sinister in mp3/The Day After - Dj-Sinister.mp3

    34.Timeline_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Timeline_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    35.Transfiguration_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Transfiguration_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    36.Transmission_Dj-Sinister in mp3/Transmission_Dj-Sinister.mp3

    37.Warlock - Dj-Sinister in mp3/Warlock - Dj-Sinister.mp3

    38.Wish Box - Dj-Sinister in mp3/Wish Box - Dj-Sinister.mp3

    39.Work Your Body - Dj-Sinister in mp3/Work Your Body - Dj-Sinister.mp3


    enjoy the ride..
    :rockposse :kermit: :censored: