Dj-Sinister - Release Her b/w Moonlight - IDJR048 (Out Now!)

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    Dj-Sinister - Release Her b/w Moonlight - IDJR048 (Out Now!)

    2008-03-14 // IDJR048

    A. Release Her
    Straight up and down this release won’t release you but take hold and give you a drum ride to the darkside. Smooth, ominous keys and massive drums contrast to keep this track on its edge. The drums are tightly layered to give the track a back-and-forth urgency. This one is the tug of war that gets you off your feet and on the dance floor.

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    AA. Moonlight
    Fresh sounds from the Sinister one; this time it’s groovy Rhodes, horns and a natural vibe that keep the vibes rolling. Edits are in effect, and the drums do not disappoint. The sub bass is one for the gut that follows the frequency all the way to your rump. The bass bubbles just like the beer foam on a hot summer’s day. Give me more!

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