Dj-Sinister - Darkland Mix - Jan-09

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    Dj-Sinister - Darkland Mix - Jan-09



    1.The Lion, The Witch, In The Closet - SAVO (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    2.Dividers - Overbears (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    3.School Today - Overbears (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    4.Technica - BlackCode (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    5.Tempest (Dj-Sinister Rmx) - CJ Weaver (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    6.Quick Exit - SAVO (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    7.Room237 - Goreteks (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    8.I Don't Like playing Hide & Seek - SAVO (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    9.You Will Die In Da Jungle - Nick and Erina Z (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    10.Labyrinth of Souls - Nick and Erina Z (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    11.Backyard Night - h0sT (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    12.The Hunted (Target) - Noistek (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    13.Pyscho - Noistek (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    14.Japan's Jungle - Nick and Erina Z (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    15.Destroying The Beast - Nick and Erina Z (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    16.Lobotomy Theatre - SAVO (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    17.Age Of Experience - n.F. (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    18.Weapons - n.F. (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    19.The Real - Noistek (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    20.Nonsense - Diztortion (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    21.Where's Your Ass At - Zlijay (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    22.11 gas holes, Only 10 Fingers - SAVO (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    23.The Devil - n.F. (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    24.Paranormal - n.F. (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    25.BombCat - SAVO (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    26.Droppa (Club Mix) - SAVO (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    27.Droppa - SAVO (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    28.My Ninja Will Kick Your Baby's Ass - Zlijay (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    29.Notlandung - Diztortion (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    30.Taken In Pitch Black - SAVO (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    31.In Bass, No One Can Hear Your Ass Fart - Zlijay (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    32.Mommy, Can I kill Tonight - SAVO (Darkland Recs-Dub)
    33.For Dem Rayvass - Zlijay (Darkland Recs-Dub)