Garage DJ Simm - UK Garage Classics live at Dub Cafe (Sheffield)


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I warmed up a couple of weeks back for the legend that is El-b.

Quite a varied set from 94/95 through to a couple of more random recent bits.

1.Rudebwoy Jam by Zed Bias & DJ Principal
2.Life Is What U Make It by Groove Chronicles
3.Faith In You by Groove Chronicles
4.The Rhythm (Steve Gurley Remix) by Nu Klass A Collective
5.Hyperfunk by Antonio
6.Goodbye by Bagnall & Gurley
7.Falling (10° Below Mix) by Carol Leeming
8.Relax (Bump and Flex Full Flava Groove) by Deetah
9.Destiny (Original Mix) by Dem 2
10.Circles of My Life by Dea Project R.Lally /A.Hawley
11.Stonecold by Groove Chronicles
12.Lessons In Love (Steve Gurley Remix) by NCA pres. Robbie Craig Vol.2
13.Crazy by Seven Wonders
14.Talk To Me by Box Clever
15.Catch The Feeling (Tuff Jam dub) by BANNANA REPUBLIC feat JUDY OBEYA
16.Oh Baby by RIP Productions
17.Together by 24 Hour Experience
18.Blues For You (Hard Dub) by Logic
19.Over You (Vocal Mix) by M Dubs
20.Flav by Big Bird
21.You Cheated by RIP Productions
22.Obsessed by RIP PRODUCTIONS
23.Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand Van Helden's Drum 'n' Bass Mix) by C.J. Bolland
24.Stand & Deliver by The Wideboys
25.Bump N Grind by M Dubs ft Lady Saw & MC Secret
26.Melody by Masterstepz
27.I Keep by N'n'G
28.Dangerous by Same People
29.All I Do (Bump & Flex Dancehall Dub) by Cleptomaniacs ft. Bryan Chambers
30.Battle by Wookie
31.Blind Faith (Zed Bias Mix) by Phuturistic
32.Digital feat. Juiceman by El-B
33.Body Killin' (M Dubs Original) by Vincent J Alvis
34.Hot Boys by Steve Gurley
35.How Deep by Groove Chronicles
36.Spirit Of The Sun (Steve Gurley Dub) by Lenny Fontana
37.Walk On By by Steve Gurley
38.Try Me Out by Sunship Feat. Anita Kelsey
39.Scrappy by Wookie
40.Neighbourhood by Zed Bias
41.Dollar Sign (Stush) by Sticky
42.Pulse X by Musical Mob
43.Flat Beat (Extended) by Mr. Oizo
44.Hyper! (Hype The Funk) by Reach & Spin
45.138 Trek by DJ Zinc
46.Booo by Ms Dynamite
47.Little Man (Exemen Remix) by Sia
48.Sincere (Wookie Remix) by MJ Cole
49.Go DJ by Jammin
50.Decoy by Agent X
51.Got Myself Together (DnD Mix) by Dom Perignon & DJ Dynamite
52.Making Love by Jeremy Sylvester
53.Night Hunter by FIS-T
54.Footcrab VIP by Addison Groove
55.Soul What (Mickey Pearce Remix) by Boddika
56.Feels So by Trusta
57.Night by Benga & Coki
58.Get Down (Groove Chronicles Remix) by Myron


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Yeah proper sound bloke! I asked him if he was alright with me playing old Groove Chronicles / El-b stuff and he just said play as much of it as you want mate!
yep. he played the night for free as well. he was playing in bristol anyway so agreed to come and play an early set. what a g