DJ Simm - Reinforced: The Early Years (91-93)

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    1. Special Request By Manix
    2. London Sumtin' By Code 071
    3. Have You Got Any More Spam By Nick OD
    4. Cookin' Up Yer Brain By 4 Hero
    5. Feel Real Good By Manix
    6. Burning By 4 Hero
    7. Try To Love Me By Manix
    8. Oblivion (Head In The Clouds) By Manix
    9. Madness To My Method By Sudden Def
    10. Lets Go (Remix) By Nasty Habits
    11. Hardcore Junglism By Manix
    12. Menace By Rufige Cru
    13. Get Busy Cru By Scott & Keith
    14. Devotion By Nookie
    15. Shining In Da Darkness By Nookie
    16. Different Ting By Underground Software
    17. Here Come The Drumz (Remix) By Nasty Habits
    18. Sinister (The Influence Remix) By Grooverider
    19. Terminator II By Rufige Cru
    20. NHS (Reinforced Shout) By Doc Scott
    21. Del Die Gogo By Tek 9
    22. Alright Wid Me By Manix
    23. Alright Wid Me (Tek 9 Remix) By Manix
    24. Heading To The Light By Manix
    25. Heading to the Light (Remix) By Manix
    26. Journey From The Light By 4 Hero
    27. Gonna Be Alright (Cloud 9 remix) By Nookie
    28. Rage By Doc Scott
    29. Darkrider By Rufige Cru
    30. Last Action Hero By Doc Scott
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