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This come up on my facebook memories last night. Thought I'd give it a bump with added t/l.

One of those where the sound at that time allowed DJ's to mix jump up / darker stuff and random other bits into one set. Covers 96 to around 00/01.

1.Piper (Grooverider Mix) by Jonny L
2.No Mistake by Concept 2
3.Special Treat by DJ Die
4.Glitch by Pure Instinct
5.Circles (VIP Remix) by Adam F
6.Physical by DJ Zinc
7.Threshold by Cybotron feat. Dillinja
8.Play It For Me by DJ Die
9.Share The Fall (Grooverider Remix) by Reprazent
10.Dead by Dawn by Future Forces Inc
11.4 da Cause by Nasty Habits
12.Circuit Breaker (Peshay Remix) by Decoder
13.Lf-ant by Substance
14.Sit On Da Bass by The Flava Unit
15.Ready or Not (DJ Zinc Remix) by Fugees
16.Jack The Ripper by Reasonable Force
17.Silver by Rayner
18.You Can Run by Glamour Gold
19.Gimme Gimme by Easy D
20.NightFlight by Shimon & Andy C
21.Aromatherapy by Adam F
22.Locust by Ed Rush & Fierce
23.Violent Killa by Dillinja
24.Kemistry (Grooverider VIP) by Goldie
25.Miles From Home by Peshay
26.Intercity by Ram Trilogy
27.The Germ by Genoforce
28.Roller by Cybin
29.Where's Jack The Ripper (Origin Unknown Remix) by Grooverider
30.Shockwaves by DJ SS
31.Something Out There by UFO
32.Synthesis by Stakka & K Tee
33.Bleed by Kemal
34.Beckoning (Usual Suspects Mix) by Konflict
35.Crash by Ed Rush & Optical
36.305 by Marcus Intalex & ST Files
37.Grand Central by Nu:Tone
38.Jah by Capone
39.Up All Night by John B
40.Planet Dust by Bad Company
41.The Hornet by Bad Company
42.Caveman by Twisted Individual
43.It Ain't Too Loud by Dillinja
44.Cuban Links by Clipz
45.Phantom Force by Digital & Spirit
46.Switch by Peshay
47.Bambaata by Shy FX
48.Cause N Effect by Concept 2
49.It's Alright I Feel It! (Roni Size Remix) by Nuyorican Soul