DnB DJ Simm - 97-98 D&B


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Nov 12, 2009


1 Pacific (Grooverider Jeep Mix) by 808 State
2 Beachball by Infinite
3 Broken Road by Origin Unknown
4 Clear Skyz by DJ Die
5 Piper by Jonny L
6 Medicine (Matrix Remix) by Ed Rush & Optical
7 Special Treat by DJ Die
8 Bring The Danger by DJ Zinc
9 Uprise by DJ Red
10 No Mistake by Concept 2
11 Light Years by Cybotron Feat. Dillinja
12 Nyquest by Ambisonics
13 It's Jazzy by Roni Size & DJ Die
14 Share The Fall (Grooverider Jeep Style Mix) by Roni Size / Reprazent
15 Mad Professor by Mask
16 Dirty Harry (Ganja Kru Remix) by Adam F
17 Pressure by John B
18 Shadow Boxing 'The Remix' by Nasty Habits
19 Feel Good by The Kraft
20 Sabotage by Ed Rush
21 Voice by Capone
22 Sonar by Trace
23 Emotion by Origin Unknown
24 Watching Windows (DJ Die Gnarly Vocal Mix) by Roni Size / Reprazent
25 Rebels by Splash Collective
26 Pink Panther by Dope Skillz
27 Toothbrush by DJ Zinc
28 Funktion by Ed Rush & Optical
29 Warhead by DJ Krust
30 Stretched by DJ Zinc
31 Jump by DJ Hype
32 The Only One (Mix 2) by Glamour Gold
33 Rukus by Gang Related
34 Trouble by Scorpio
35 See Red by Jonny L
36 Sound In Motion by Origin Unknown
37 The Germ by Genoforce
38 Unexplored Terrain by Dillinja
39 Moving 808s by Optical
40 Swarm by Doc Scott
41 Warrior Jazz by Dillinja
42 Dazee Age by Decoder
43 Acid Trak by Dillinja
44 Fluid by Dillinja
45 Represents by Brockie & Ed Solo
46 The Don by Alibi & Leo
47 The One by Mampi Swift
48 Closer to God by DJ Hype
49 Driven by DJ Zinc
50 Splurt by Mask
51 Bambaata by Shy FX
52 Live Line by Shimon & Andy C
53 Alien Girl by Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce
54 Sight Beyond by John B
55 Contemporary Acousticz Jam (Origin Unknown Mix) by Flytronix
56 Tough At the Top (Origin Unknown Remix) by E-Z Rollers
57 Switch (Vinyl Version) by Peshay
58 Jazz Session 1 by John B


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Nov 12, 2009
I like the party orientation of this one.

Banger after banger, no chinstroking :teeth:

It was really a dance floor era this one. Some of the music featured is possibly chinstroked upon in a post era sense but yeah, it was all about music to dance to this!


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Nov 12, 2009

i recently found a all wookie mix of yours by accident, absolutely fiyah.

have you got any more garage mixes or like 94 4beat mixes in stock?

would be very interested

Ah nice. Well it's funny you should say that......

I assume by 4beat you mean this kind of stuff?

I think some of the older UKG ones might have degraded a little now knowing mixcloud but give em a try sir!
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