Drum & Bass DJ Simm - 2016.05


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1. Snowdrops By FD
2. Without You By Spirit
3. Sleep Terror By Homemade Weapons & Red Army
4. Nomad By Vromm
5. Likkle Som By Richie Brains
6. Yung Bongo By Fourward
7. Days Apart By DBR UK & Structured
8. Interstate By Spirit
9. Pache By SB81
10. Provider By Spirit
11. Emeralds By Break
12. Consciousness By Spirit
13. Wobble By Nature By Twisted Individual
14. Bring Dat Back (feat. Killa P) By Richie Brains
15. Deadline (S.P.Y Remix) By Digital
16. Request Line By Spirit
17. The Shot Off By Mako
18. Made Of Light (feat. Solah) By Emperor
19. Something Ancient By Thing & Om Unit
20. Red Magic By Kid Drama
21. Hallow By Jonny L
22. Buss It By Richie Brains
23. Juku By Owneath
24. Adversary By Loxy & Perpetuum
25. Singularity By Ahmad
26. Parasite By Response & Clive Ingredients
27. Infrasound By Emperor
28. Bricks By Ahmad & Gremlinz
29. Curcuma By Abstract Elements
30. Ghost Racoon By Artificial Intelligence
31. Haste By Emperor
32. Code '98 By Response & Pliskin
33. For Love Or Money (feat. Section 63) By Mako
34. Shadow Boxing (Om Unit VIP) By Nasty Habits
35. Stand Firm (feat. Visionobi) By Artificial Intelligence
36. How Do You Feel? By Mako
37. Luv (feat. Skeptical) By Kid Drama
38. Everyday Emotions By Nymfo
39. Memories of You By SB81
40. B Boy 900000 By Richie Brains
41. Lake Monsters By Vromm
42. Heartbreaker By Richie Brains
43. Thunder (feat. MC Fats) By Emperor
44. 90's by SB81
45. From Creation By Spirit
46. Wasted Time (feat. Alia Fresco) By Kid Drama
47. Intalus VIP By Stranjah
48. Control VIP By Emperor
49. Foxholes By Emperor
50. Mindgames VIP By Emperor


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Huuuuuuuuuge, pure and simple.
Thank you for the kind words sir

I'm still not sure if you're real?......

If it helps I did over enthusiastic aerobics behind the decks while recording this one. I did lots of dance, heart hands and throwing cake. My 2 cats were thoroughly entertained for the full 2 hours.


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Some real volume issues on various transitions that ruined the continuity for me
Really @Claus601 ?

Any particular examples you can give me? I have all my tracks put through platinum notes prior to using them which does a great job of balancing audio levels out prior to any mixer eq's changes. Never had any complaints in the last 10 years of using traktor up until now.