Hardcore DJ Simm - 1992


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1. Hypnosis (SL2 Remix) By Psychotropic
2. 2 Bad Mice Take You by Blame
3. Bish Bosh By Yolk
4. Do It Now By Urban Shakedown
5. Nasty Rhythm By DJ Splix
6. Cuckoo In the Jungle By DJ Seduction
7. Your Risk By Coolhand Flex
8. Dub War By Dance Conspiracy
9. Help Me (A Quest 4 Peace 12" Mix) By Sly T & Ollie J
10. Notice Me By Cyanide 45
11. Never Felt This Way By Jem 77
12. Compnded By DJ Edge
13. Touch Somebody (DJ Seduction Mix) By Spectral
14. It's Not Over By Citadel Of Kaos
15. Ronnies Revenge By Citadel of Kaos
16. Untitled (Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) By Wardance
17. Untitled By Tango
18. The Rave Digger (Stu Allan 'Catch' Remix) By MC Lethal
19. Ragga Symphony By Unknown Artist
20. Dark Matter By Kev Bird & The Wax Doctor
21. Pennywise By Neuromancer
22. We Are Hardcore (Magic Fantasy Mix) By House Crew