DnB DJ Shede - Liquid Magic Mix 2017


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Mar 19, 2010
DJ Shede presents Liquid Magic Mix... over an hour long journey through ethereal, omnipresent liquid soundscapes. Ready to fill your NOW with crispy melodies and fluffy vibes with a soft but deep touch of magic! Enjoy :)

01.Conduct - Katiisan
02.Whiney - Portal
03.Need For Mirrors - Marina Blue
04.Calibre - Up In Smoke
05.Mohican Sun - Where Did You Go
06.Artificial Intelligence - Shrine
07.Zero T - 1000 Miles
08.Drumagick - You & Me
09.Shimon - Crystal Clear
10.Polaris - The Light In Your Eyes
11.Bcee - Typical Description (Calibre Remix)
12.Hybrid Minds - Mean to Be (LSB Remix)
13.Dawn Wall - Ember
14.London Elektricity feat. Emer Dineen - Tenderless (Whiney Remix)
15.Bungle - Coconeed
>>Keeno - Fading Fast
16.Stranjah - Gideon
17.Riya - Fear Bites feat. Villem & McLeod (VIP)
18.Nero - Into The Night (Dawn Wall Remix)
19.LSB - Tumult
20.Keeno - Enigma
21.Seba feat. Jenna G - Sweet Magnolia (Air.K & Cephei Remix)
22.Bcee - Angel of Light
23.Keeno - Lost in the Clouds
24.London Elektricity - Tone Poem (Royalston Remix)
25.Whiney - Rock Hopper
26.Phaction - Fantasy (SpectraSoul Remix)
27.Muffler - Blocks
28.Dimension - Pull Me Under
29.Nu:Logic - Driftwood (feat. Ed Thomas)
30.Need For Mirrors - Ethos (Spirit Remix)
31.Conduct - Mapacho
Anything with Mohican Sun in im pretty keen atm..
Started of nicely, into Shrine, seems your just mixing into the break-down but it works
Zero T was pretty flat, but made up by the hype of Drumagick - You & Me
First bit of proper mixing at 16.30, an sounds like your slightly out of time or not equing correctly to get that crisp blend, next track again was flat..
find that groove dude an stick to it seems your playing a roller then a steppy track, although this can work not sure you've mastered it.
25 mins in and seems its picked up pace and from there its like your rolling !
Blends start working together better, selection is wicked - 45 minutes was just about right for me by that point, but i did enjoy it !
Will be looking out for your next one ;)
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