DJ Shadow Live @ Brixton 15th December 2006


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Jul 3, 2005
High Wycombe Village
DJ Shadow Live @ Brixton 15th December 2006


"DJ Shadow working with 'Concert Live' recorded the gig at Brixton Academy Friday 15th December and produced instant live CDs for fans on the night of the show.
The gig was recorded and mixed in real time and the CDs ready to 10 minutes after the show had finished!"

Only 2000 of these exclusive double disc live albums have been produced!

DJ Shadow signed 100 of the CDs in advance! Its down to luck if you get a signed copy!

CD 1:
1. The Outsider / Intro
2. Building Steam With A Grain of Salt
3. Untitled Heavy Beat
4. Six Days
5. Changeling
6. The Tiger
7. Mutual Slump / Mongrel Meets His Maker
8. Be There
9. Instrumental 3
10. War Is Hell / Seein' Thangs
11. Three Freaks / Turf Dancing
12. This Time (I'm gonna try it my way)
13. You made it

CD 2:
1. Erase You Part 1
2. Erase You Part 2
3. Enuff
4. Lady Don't Tek No / Enuff
5. Mashin' on The Motorway
6. Break it Down
7. The Number Song
8. Organ Donor
9. Triplicate / UNKLE megamix
10. Midnight In A Perfect World

props bzrwon

props bzrwon


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Jan 24, 2007
SICK! Shadow is the freaking man... one of the best cross genre DJ AND Producers on earth.

Big up TPI, after longtime bro ya still on top!!!!!
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