DJ Secondhand, We all cant buy it brand new!!!


Oct 30, 2008
My first recording so like 2 no wht all u dnb heads fink.

Track 1 Unknown artist, The 9
Track 2 Zero G, Its goin down
Track 3 Benny Page, Turn down the lights
Track 4 Sebfocus, Flemenco
Track 5 Nu:tone, System
Track 6 Krust + Die, Collision Course
Track 7 Q project, 2 Little 2 Late
Track 8 Dope Ammo, Dub criminal
Track 9 Mampi Swift, I am legend
Track 10 Loxy, Gremlin
Track 11 Jonny L, Back to your Roots
Track 12 Blame, Stay forever
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