Dj Sammy Nicks b2b Dj Rekwest ft Mc Operator Mix


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Apr 6, 2011
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Heres a collection of bangers / own productions thrown in the mix.. there going to be blowing doors off the hinges this year... having had tunes dropped in places like "Fabric, London" "D&B TV LIVE" and having their productions played by Crystal Clear, Dj Rekless + Many More..

Catch there latest mix!!!


1.Certago - sqlosh & spaow
2.Holes in ya chest - Dominator feat fatmanD
3.Reppin - narky
4.He saw me - Filthy habits
5.That beast - Certified Sickness
6.1965 - rekwest&samynicks
7.Quality control - rekwest&samynicks
8.Last chance saloon - samynicks&marx
9.Kiss of death - Syanide
10.Aim fire - Rekwest
11.Folks like who - Rekwest
12.Thrillseekers - Konichi
13.Scramble - Rekwest
14.Can't talk now - Hoogs
15.Diagnosis - rekwest&samynicks
16.Rat trap VIP - serum
17.Killin ain't easy - Dub motion
18.Shoot Dem - Dominator feat FatmanD
19.Barfight - Athys & Duster
20.What's goin on - TC
21.Top of the line - Decimal bass
22.Twister - Samynicks
23.Corporate games - samynicks&marx
24.Machinery - Konichi & Decimal bass
25.QnA - samynicks&marx
26.Gangsta VIP - Guv
27.the grinch - samynicks&marx skank - supreme being
29.cramp my style - samynicks
30.for the record - samynicks&marx on me - version
32.slap down - renegade
33.foot note - samynicks&marx
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