DJ Ruffstuff with MCs Fun Skibadee Harry Shotta DNBTV 01-28-2009


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Dec 15, 2007
Cambridge, UK
back to the future, with your,
flux capacitor,
smashing up every passenger,
still attacking ya.

fucking love that ^^. skibba's got a few nice bars, gets better everytime I hear him (dunno what happened to you 2000-2007 skibs, but i'm glad ur back).

shotta, as ever, has all the talent in the world and just point blank refuses to use it. it's a constant disappointment for me. he can be absolutly fucking awesome, but whenever I hear his sets, he's chatting the same bars, and doing it WORSE every time.

"you might get kicked in the face, you might get smacked in the mouth..." == WANK.

Harry: Why don't you do a more sets without the rest of UNCZ? You're excellent so stop fucking around please.
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