DJ Redfive 91-93 old school mashup - download for free


a cheeky stab at tunes going back 20 (twenty) years, had alot of fun and frustration making this, so many tunes i couldnt fit on but enough variety for everyone, you wont recognise the intro its a random record by Manhattan transfer, the mix just fits onto an 80 min cd-r (nigh on 82 minutes but it fits - ive tried it briefly in my car so it does work) enjoy and let me know what you think!

comments appreciated

manhattan transfer (intro only)
your love - prodigy
we are IE
sonz of a loop - peace & loveism
horn track - foghorn mix
house crew the theme
djs unite - djs unite
ravedigger - mc lethal
origination - shine on (breakdown)
nookie - gonna be alright (sound of music)
baptized by dub - crim minds
slammer krome & time
junglemuffin - m.finn rmx
sl2 - aftershock
m/heads - terminator
fbd - breaking up
dj crystal - drop xtc
intense drowzee rmxs - white doctor groove bush mix
d-force - original bad boy
satin storm - nicholas parsons!
jay j & devious d - time of our lives rmx
orca - utah mantra - lucky spin recs
tango & ratty - final conflict
darkrider - rufige kru - darkrider ep
just for u london - euphony bodysnatch
nookie give a little love
acen trip to the moon pt 2
menace - rufige kru - darkrider ep
nrg - promised land(scratched in sample only)
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