DJ Rap - So High [Propa Talent]

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    DJ Rap - So High [Propa Talent]


    DJ Rap - So High

    1. So High (DJ Rap Dubkiller Remix)
    2. So High (DJ Rap Brian Matrix Dub Mix)
    3. So High (DJ Rap Brian Matrix Vocal Mix)
    4. So High(NoiseFloor Vox Remix)
    5. [bSo High(NoiseFloor Inst Remix)

    Propa Talent is proud to present the 'So High' with remixes from DJ Rap (Dubstep)-Dubkiller, and NoiseFloor (Drum & Bass) Altogether a Tearing package that will leave you wanting more-and if you do, Be sure to check out the house remixes on Impropa talent.

    Luv & Bass,
    Propa Talent

    You Can Listen Here: