DJ Rap ft. Top Cat - Roughest Gun Ark (Remix)


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Jan 14, 2009
Anyone else heard this?

Pretty sure Chase & Status played this in their set at Ram at Matter the other month, so might actually be by them?

Sounded pretty sweet anyways, the original is a heavy tune, and a Mr C fave lol


C&S played this in their set at One Nation Valentines a couple weeks back ...

Here is the audio link ...

Roughest Gun Ark Remix.mp3 - 3.68MB

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All I know is I DEFINATELY heard Chase & Status play a remix of this at Ram, might hear it again in a few weeks at the next one, it sounded good though, like the original hasnt been fucked with too much, had a kinda "streetlife" sorta vibe with a big reece bline if I remember, was good

Be intresting to see if anything comes of this ...
Best get yourselves to the next Ram then :)

I know this is one of those things where it seems quite doubtful but ya know when you just heard what you heard lol
Im positive they've re-recorded the vocals for it, strange vibe though init!

Sounds completely different from the original, very "ghetto"

I quite like it personally, don't feel as if its been ruined at all
I was lost for words when i heard this remix..I hope it never comes out.... They have turned one of the biggest jump up tracks in to an average roller.. It's just Roughest Gun Ark vocals with the music from Street life.. Pure lazynes imo
That's quite awesome. Was expecting it to be crap but man...bassline is siiick. Not a patch on the original but a very capable remix.
i think it rolls thru. sounds like there were vocals added

big remix :slayer:

Yeah dawg. More vocals were probably added due to the quality of the old ones. I should hopefully hear today who did the remix so I will post when I know.
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