Dj Rail Dark Neurofunk Mix 13.01.09


cant touch dis
Jan 11, 2008
here is the link below

tracklistings :
1.Receptor - Rhyno
2.Spor , Ewun and Evol Intent - Levitate
3.Allied - Panaphobia
4.Noisia - No Escape
5.Spor , Apex , Ewun and Evol Intent - Dirge
6.Audio - Vigalante
7.The Upbeats - Craven Raven
8.Noisia - Concussion
9.Stakka and Skynet - Kraken
10.Morebeat - Colours
11.Phace - Cold Champagne
12.Cern - Kiss The Sky
13.Mindscape - Heatstroke
14.Noisia and Black Sun Empire - Infusion
15.Noisia - Ommisions
16.Maztek - Karma Mistake
17.Mindscape , Jade , Hydro (break mix)
18.Spor - Clarets March
19. The Upbeats - Masked Warrior
20.Apex - Same Old Blues
21.Spor - Powder Monkey
22.The Upbeats - Deviants
23.Cause4concern - Sleeper Cell

comments plz!!!


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May 30, 2007
Leeds / Brighton
Download this. You know it makes sense. On the Ipod for today James, I'll let you know what I think.

Reckon I'm gonna be screwfacing some heads in town today. ;)
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Apr 21, 2009
Hey, my friend has downloaded this mix, and teasing my ears with it without letting me get hold of it. It's evil, as prospekt says. I wa\n't told who did it or what it was called, but now i've found it...
So... i go to download it after confirming with my friend that this is the right mix, and all it does is go around in circles, refreshing the page bringing me back to "please wait 10 secs". I got it started last night, but once it got to 10 MB it declared it was finished - clearly not as after about 5 minutes of playback it stopped.
So hard i've had to try and get this mix - DJ Rail this truly is phat - but can someone help me get it for myself? if someone has it on their computer maybe you could send it to me via email? (
Someone, please, help!


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Jun 7, 2008
Just got this last night, gonna give it a listen this morning and will feedback later man.
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