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    DJ Q brought out the essential bassline flavours on Friday night! He played some essential cuts from T2, Nastee Boi and Virgo. Check out the full tracklisting for the show below and listen again to the show by clicking here :


    Robyn – Out of Sight (Witty Boy Remix)
    Virgo ft Lauren Cofie – Can’t Take It
    First Born + Kaye – Dance
    TS7 ft Bianca – Hands Up
    Zibba – New Dub
    Jodie Ayesha – So Typical
    Booda ft Becky Rhodes – Cheeky Things
    T2 – Untitled
    TRC ft Abi – Hush
    A [dot] R ft Krepz – If You Want Me
    Nastee Boi f Bugzy – Up in da Rave


    Burgaboy ft Kaylee – What Can I Do
    Piddy Py – Put It On Me
    Wideboys ft Dennis G – Sambucca (Booda vs. Jamie Duggan Remix)
    Platnum – Loveshy
    Ny – Fire (T2 Remix)
    SNT + CRT ft Recneps – Saturday Night
    H ‘Two’ O + TRC ft Miss Fire – I’m Falling
    Sub Zero – Dancing Mode
    Zibba – What Must I Do
    Dub Militia – Fya Water
    Lady Phatima – Lose Control
    Beyonce – Déjà vu
    JTJ ft Sacha – No Means No
    Mark + Dwayne – In Love Again
    H ‘Two’ O ft Platnum – What’s It Gonna Do
    Craig David – Are You Up For This (Witty Boy Remix)
    DJ Q + MC Bonez – Back It Up


    Becky Rhodes – Secrets
    Zibba ft Shellzy + Pee Wee – I Will Never Leave
    TS7 ft Bianca G – Tired of Waiting
    Rachel M – Losing Me
    A [dot] R ft Tamzin – Do You Ever
    Merkury + TRC ft Hannah – Love is Blind
    Delinquent ft KCat – I Got U
    FB ft Carly George – Baby Baby
    T2 ft Addictive – Candy Rain
    Sub Zero – Music Life
    TS7 ft Tonia – Smile
    Zibba ft Nia – Fantasy
    Rae Rae – You Break Me
    Nastee Boi – Closer Than Close
    Mr Bass ft Annie Ray – Shorty
    Sub Zero ft Sacha – Be With Me
    T2 ft Addictive – Where Did Our Luv Go
    First Born ft Ayeesha – Mind Ya Business
    A [dot] R ft Chantee O – Without You
    Witty Boy – Forgive Me


    T2 – Chocolate VIP
    Brett Maverick – Dirty Dinner
    Alex Mills – Beyond Words
    Virgo – Hypnotic
    T2 – Hey
    Zibba – You Don’t Know
    Nastee Boi – Heartbroken
    Sub Zero ft Jenna G – Fly
    Sub Zero – Come Wid The Dance
    A [dot] R – Run Up in the Dance
    Booda ft Keilly – Need to Know
    Speedy – African Curse
    DVA ft Alahna – I’m Leaving
    Mr Bass – Oh My
    Virgo ft J Star – Good Times
    DS1 ft Metz – Come Home
    Mr Bass – Love Song
    Sweet FA – Flowers
    Sub Zero ft Shystie – Bad Gal Bass
    Virgo ft Tonia – Crush
    Bass Boy – I See You


    Papez – Heartache
    TRC – 5 Word Dub
    Skepta – Rolex Sweep (Booda Remix)
    Addictive – Girl Like Me
    Addictive – Where Did Our Luv Go
    TS7 ft Tonia – Hey Boy
    Brian Harvey – Trouble (Witty Boy Remix)
    Mr Bass – Love At First Sight
    T2 ft H Boogie – On the Floor
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    As I said on the other forum you posted on, change your slogan, it makes out as if I should be black to listen to it, and get rid of that muppet Seani B
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    This is not dnb.
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    '1extra, the home of black music...'

    Fuck you, im not black and i like it!