DJ Q!!! - TS7 premiere!

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    DJ Q churned out exclusives from Burgaboy , T2 and a new remix from TS7 - a mere 2 hours after it was mixed and completed in the studio. Listen again to the show here : and check out the full track listings below.

    0200 – 0230

    Booda – If Your Girl Only Knew
    Havok – My My
    Virgo ft Willis Rose – What’s Your Name?
    Piddy Py – Put It On Me
    Sub Zero – Angel In My Eyes
    Rachel M – Losing Me
    JTJ ft Sacha – No Means No
    Zibba – One of a Kind
    TS7 ft Bianca G – Seems Like
    Burgaboy – Ravin
    Nay Nay – 3:30am

    0230 – 0330

    Predator ft Serena – I’m Falling
    Loveshy – AM to PM (Virgo Remix)
    Papez vs. Murka – Giving You Everything
    Chanel – I Fell in Love with a DJ (T2 Remix)
    Zibba – Oh Oh Oh
    TRC ft Hannah – Love is Blind
    Platnum – Loveshy
    Booda ft Lady Phatima – Lose Control
    FB – Mysterious Ways
    DJ NG ft Baby Katy – Tell Me (DJ Q Remix)
    T2 – Mind Blow
    Nastee Boi ft Zo – Low
    Sub Zero – Untitled
    Iman – Stormy Weather
    Sub Zero – Dancing Move
    Alex Guadino – Watch Out (Booda Remix)
    TRC ft Zoe – I Need Love
    DJ Veteran – Dub Special
    T2 ft Addictive – Hooked On You
    First Born - Dance

    0330 – 0430

    DJ Q ft MC Bonez – You Wot
    T2 ft Tamzin – What Can I Do
    Zibba ft Shellzy + Pee Wee – I Will Never Leave
    CRW – I Feel Love (TS7 Remix)
    Mr Bass – Love Song
    Booda ft Becky Rhodes – Cheeky Things
    Wittyboy ft Lauren Mason – Caught Me
    DS1 ft Tedi – Walk Away
    A [dot] R ft Teresa – Guess I was Wrong
    Tinee Tempah – Tears (Burgaboy Remix)
    TS7 ft Bianca G – Dark 2 Light
    Davinah – Runaway (TRC Remix)
    Cheeksta – Baby (T2 Remix)
    Zibba – I Wanna
    Sub Zero ft Sacha – Be With Me
    Virgo – More Fire
    Nastee Boi ft E Man – Must Be Mad (Witty Boy Remix)
    Mr Bass + Rukus ft Annie Ray – Shorty
    T2 – Untitled
    Papez – Heartache
    First Born ft Meesha – Mind Ya Business

    0430 – 0530

    TRC ft Ruth & Zo – Whatever You Feel
    Sub Zero - Come Wid The Dance
    Teresa – Face It
    Brett Maverick – Dirty Dinner
    Burgaboy – Playtime
    T2 – Chocolate VIP
    Booda ft Keily – Need to Know
    T2 ft Addictive – Where Did Our Luv Go
    Metz – Come Home With Me
    Addictive – Right There
    Mr Bass – Oh My God
    First Born ft Meesha – Never Let You Go
    TS7 ft Bianca – Tired of Waiting
    Virgo – Wolf in a Box
    Zibba – You Don’t Know
    Da Booda Meets Jamie Duggan – Hopeless Situations
    T2 ft Tamzin - Baby’s Song
    DVA ft Alahna – I’m Leaving (TRC Remix)

    0530 – 0600

    DJ Q + MC Bonez – Back It Up
    Shanice – When I Close My Eyes
    Virgo – Hypnotic
    Skepta – Rolex Sweep
    Mr Bass – Could This Be
    Mr Bass ft Becky Rhodes – No Good
    Sweet FA – Flowers (Jamie Duggan Meets Da Booda Remix)
    JTJ ft Sacha – No Means No (Zibba Remix)

    * Addictive – It’s Over