DJ Q: Fresh cuts from Pack Massive & Pantha productions


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Sep 16, 2008
DJ Q in the building once again with the baddest Bassline and UKG! This week, BIG EXCLUSIVES from H ‘Two’ O and First Born! Plus get involved on iPlayer and hear fresh cuts by Pack Massive, Pantha Productions and Emvee!! Tracklistings for the show are below

1Xtra : The Only Place to be for UKG!!!
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0200 – 0230

Empra T – Make It Happen
TS7 ft Nana – Can’t Be Without You
Pyper ft Sacha – Boomerangs
T2 – Powerhouse
Booda ft Becky Rhodes – Cheeky Things
Davina – Runaway (TRC Remix)
Nastee Boi – Closer
Virgo ft Tileasha – Something Real (TEK1 Remix)
Emvee – My Life
A [dot] R ft Lyndzee + Yogo – Thinkin Bout
Nastee Boi ft Bugsy – Up in the Dance

0230 – 0330

TS7 ft Bianca G – Hands Up
Zibba ft Carla Thomas – Foolin Around
Ny – Fire (T2 Remix)
Sub Zero – Too Big
Sub Zero – Angel In My Eyes
A [dot] R ft Tamzin – Think of Me
TRC ft Ideal – Raindrops
Wittyboy ft Lauren Mason – Caught Out
Nastee Boi ft Z.O. – Low
Predator ft Serena – I’m Falling
FB – I Wanna
Sub Zero ft Ruby Dan – Nang
Papez – Heartache
The Score – We Got You
Beezy – Get Drunk (Agent X Dub)

0330 – 0430

Jodie Ayesha – SO Typical (Big Ang Remix)
Sub Zero – Come with the Dance
Zibba ft Shellzy + Pee Wee – I Will Never Leave
Sweet FA – Flowers
Mark Dwayne – In Love Again
Mr Bass – Oh My God
Mark Dwayne – In Love Again
Mr Bass – Oh My God
Craig David – Where’s The Love?
Alea Mills – Beyond Words
FB ft Carly George – Baby Baby
Colour Girl – Joyrider (Pyper Remx)
T2 ft H Boogie – On the Floor
Wideboys ft Dennis G – Sambucca (Agent X)
Sacha – No Means No (Zibba Remix)
H Boogie – Hopeless Situations
Princess – Frontline (H ‘Two’ O Remix)
CRW – I Feel Love (TS7 Remix)
Virgo ft J Star – Good Things
Burgaboy – I Shot The Sherrif
T2 ft Tamzin – What Can I do
Sub Zero ft Murkz – It’s Goin Off
Ruth – Make Up Your Mind (A [dot] R Remix)
Addictive – Right There (Burgaboy Remix)

0430 – 0530

Teresa – Face It
Sub Zero – Come with the Dance Remix
Brett Maverick – Dirty Dinner
Sub Zero ft Jen – Fly
TRC ft Flameus – One Foot Skank
Bass Boy ft Dom – I See You
TS7 ft Sarah – Addicted
First Born ft Rae Rae – I’m Leaving You
Becky Rhodes – Angry (Zibba Remix)
A [dot] R ft Sacha – Bedroom Lies
TRC ft Nadia – Used To Be
Giggs – Talkin’ The Hardest Freestyle (H ‘Two’ O Remix)
Bass Boy ft Dom – Listen To Me
A [dot] R ft Dopestalla – Run Up in the Dance
A [dot] R ft Dopestalla – Run Up in the Dance (Speedy Remix)
TRC ft Abi – Hush Baby
Slick Don + SG – Oh Yes
Booda ft Keily – Need to Know
Ruth – Make Up Your Mind
Emvee - Watchout
Zibba - Untitled

0530 – 0600

Zibba – You Don’t Know
Metz – Come Home With Me (DS1 Remix)
Witty Boy – I Want You
DVA ft Alahna – I’m Leaving (TRC Remix)
Bass Boy ft Nadia – Look into My Eyes
Charisma – Tonight
TRC ft Z.O. – Test Me
Nycole Valentine – Body Talk
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