Dj Prospec Promo Mix 21/01/10!

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    Peterborough UK
    Gangster Fun - Cold Reality VIP [X-Rated Dub]

    GPWU - Full Force [Sound Solution Digi]

    Mr X - Lonely Nights [Dub]

    Mischeif & Mayhem - Dopple Gang [Sound Solution Digi]

    Macky Gee - Bansuri [Sound Solution Digi]

    Premium - Big Mouth [Double Dub .Free]

    Twisted Facts - Mental Atmosphere [Dub]

    Beretta & Cronica - Get Down [Sound Solution Digi]

    Twisted Facts - Sunshine Surprise [Dub]

    Yellow Bastard - Brains [Sound Solution]

    Prospec - Stealth [Dub]

    Kosnik - Thats About To Change [Subsonic Audio Dub]

    Tron - Run Tings [Dub]

    Soulpride - Murdered Dem [Phantom Dub Digi]

    Corpz - Damn Dirty [Dutty Dubplate Dub]

    Shrust - Down [Sound Solution Dub]

    Tron - Centuries [Dub]

    Mischeif & Mayhem - Not Gunna Happen [Sound Solution Digi]

    Dub Zero - It Never Ends [Radical Beats Dub]

    Drastik Measures & Revolution - Body Bags [Dreadnought Digi]

    Mr X - Sweetheart [Subsonic Audio Dub]

    Majistrate - Imagining Things(Sly Remix) [Low Down Deep]

    Nasty - Ghost in Persia [Krisis Dnb]

    Konichi - Brain Power [Dub]

    Yatz - Highrade [G13 Digi]

    Zodiac - Combat [Alpha]

    Decimal Bass - Enough From The Clown [Subsonic Audio Dub]

    Heist - TerraHawks [Sumo Beatz]

    Prospec - Friendly Fire [Dub]