DJ Problem Child Live On 9.6.2021 (Latest 2021 Nu Skool, Modern Jungle/Drum & Bass Vinyl)


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Apr 14, 2006

Ruff Jam - Fly Away [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

Hard Drive - My Melody (Ruff Jam Remix) [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

Ruff Jam - Open Your Mind [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

Hard Drive - Burial Squad (Vers-e-tyle Remix) [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

Ruff Jam - Feel Alright [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

Cozen - Who's Tony? [Western Lore/Forthcoming]

Ruff Jam - Lockdown [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

Cozen - Headstuck [Western Lore/Forthcoming]

Mister Shifter - Dreada Than Dreada [Foxy Jangle]

Blame & Seba - Liquid Electricity [Violet Nights]

Law & Wheeler - Visions Of Apparitions [Foxy Jangle]

Chippie - Big Grey Wolf [Violet Night]

TMSV - Champion [Broken]

Aeon Four - Tremor [Straight Up Breakbeat]

TMSV - Over [Broken]

Aeon Four - Reflector Dub [Straight Up Breakbeat]

Rumbleton - A Love I Can Feel [Prowling Lion]

Equinox - Paralyze Babylon (Dub-One VIP) [Scientific Wax]

Rumbleton - Sound Family [Prowling Lion]

Equinox - What We Have Forgotten (Nebula VIP) [Scientific Wax]

DJ Trax - Lost In You [Over Shadow]

Pugilist & Tamen - Samadhi [Repertoire]

DJ Trax - Stronger [Over Shadow]

Pugilist & Tamen - Time Becomes A Loop [Repertoire]

Dissect - Hidden Away (Feat Save Alex) [Sonic Force]

Mani Festo - Hyperion [Sneaker Social Club]

Dissect - QI Flow [Sonic Force]

Mani Festo - Shunt [Sneaker Social Club]

Njoi 🎵🎶🎼😎

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