DJ Problem Child - Live On 9.12.2020 (2020 Nu Skool Hardcore/Jungle Selection)


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Apr 14, 2006

Eusebeia - Evolution II [Warehouse Rave]

Eusebeia - True [Western Lore]

Eusebeia - Late Bloom [Warehouse Rave]

Response & Pliskin - Life Without Death [Western Lore]

Earl Grey - Infinite Loop [Western Lore]

Mysmiakos - Need It Bad (Ontology Remix) [King K Rool]

Earl Grey - Wiretap [Western Lore]

DJ Junk - I'm Sorry But Your Scratching Is Up (VIP Mix) [Spandangle Selection]

Hired Gun - Dem Gun Mad (Danny Styles Balaclava Remix) [Spandangle Selection]

DJ Junk - Nowhere (Remix) [Spandangle Selection]

Hired Gun - What Goes On (Hornchurch Hardcore Remix) [Spandangle Selection]

DJ Skye - I Am Sinistar [Spandangle Selection]

Manix - Your Dreaming [Reinforced]

DJ Skye - Move Out [Spandangle Selection]

Manix - It's Just The Music [Reinforced]

DJ Skye - Revolution [Spandangle Selection]

Manix - Falling In [Reinforced]

DJ Skye - Gettin High [Spandangle Selection]

Manix - Centa Force [Reinforced]

Nicky Allen - Doctor Death [Dead Beat]

DJ Progress - Can You Reach? [Hardcore Vinylist]

Nicky Allen - Rising Death [Dead Beat]

DJ Style 90.6 - Don't Cry [Hardcore Vinylist]

Nicky Allen - Don't Be Afraid [Dead Beat]

Pete Cannon - It's Like Ecstasy [AKO BEATZ - AKO Arcade]

Tim Reaper - Sequence 2 [Lobster Theremin]

Ricky Force - Vestige [Modified Magic]

Tim Reaper - (I Can) Feel It [Lobster Thermin]

Njoi 👊😎🎵🎼🎶

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