DJ Problem Child -Live On 9.1.2019 (2018-2019 Jungle/Drum &Bass Vinyl )


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Dexxtrous & Sudden Def - Infrared [Infrared]

J Majik & Sense - Originate [Infrared]

Dexxtrous & Sudden Def - Forgotten Souls (Remix) [Infrared]

J Majik & Sense - First Contact [Infrared]

Necrotype - Break Through [Diamond Life]

Dead Man's Chest - Acid Inna Dancehall [Diamond Life]

Necrotype - Yosei [Diamond Life]

Coco Bryce - Gunna [7th Storey Projects]

Sam Binary - Sentinal Era [Western Lore]

Coco Bryce - A New Mind [7th Storey Projects]

Silent Dust - Another Sunlight (Dead Man's Chest's Dappled Dub Version) [Western Lore]

Redshift & Problem Child - Stepping Stones (Ft Man Parris) [Silent Force]

Law & Wheeler - Lost Fragments [Next Phase]

Redshift & Problem Child - Hegemon [Silent Force]

Law & Wheeler - Greyscale [Next Phase]

Torn - Internal [Samurai]

Law & Wheeler - Cold Snap [Next Phase]

Torn - Acheron (With Homemade Weapons) [Samurai]

Sam KDC - Templar [Samurai]

Torn - External [Samurai]

Sam KDC - The Eye Of Truth [Samurai]

Torn - Never Mind [Samurai]

Nucleus & Paradox - Electropia [Esoteric]

Redshift & Problem Child - Failsafe [Silent Force/Forthcoming]

Nucleus & Paradox - Volantis [Esoteric]

Redshift & Problem Child - Rainham Nights [Silent Force/Forthcoming]

Dwarde - What Must I Do? [Amenology]

Link - Frustration (Voxphoria Mix) [Amenology]


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