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DJ Problem Child Live On Jungletrain.net 7.8.2019 (Latest 2019 Drum & Bass/Jungle Releases)


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Overlook - Belief System [Osiris]

Levl - Arcola_#1 [Arcola]

Outer Heaven - The last Men [UVB76]

Levl - Arcola_#3 [Arcola]

Outer Heaven - Blemish [UVB76]

Champion Sound - Through The Roots [Through These Eyes]

Ancestral Voices & Presha - Niflheim [Samurai]

Presha & Homemade Weapons - The Claw [Samurai]

Homemade Weapons - Omen [Samurai]

Homemade Weapons & Roho - Kifuka [Samurai]

Torn - Dance On The Bones [Samurai]

Torana - Amok [Samurai]

Roho - Totemz [Samurai]

Antagonist - Ministry [Samurai]

Chris Inperspective - Amber's Bush [Inperspective]

Mahakala - The Realms [Mahakala]

Chris Inperspective - You Understand (Feat Will Miles) [Inperspective]

Mirror Network - This Song (Dissident Remix) [Burelom]

Double O - Mars [Rupture - Planets]

Asymmetric & Limit - Process [Burelom]

Effra - In Breaks We Trust [Rupture - Planets]

Wacky Gee - Chic (Rave Mix) [Burelom]

J Robinson - Congoman [Rupture - Planets]

Ant To Be - Done At Midnight [Burelom]

Digital & Response - Tell Me [Function]

Digital - Strictly DNB (Sight Unseen Remix) [Function]

Digital & Response - Hung Up [Function]

Digital - Waterhouse Dub (Kiljoy Remix) [Function]

Digital & Response - Plastic Dreams [Function]

Response & Pliskin - Abandoned [Western Lore]

Njoi 😎

Mixcloud: Hearthis/Download: https://hearthis.at/djproblemchild/djproblemchild-liveonjungletrainnet782019/