DJ Problem Child Live On 7.7.2021 (Latest And Forthcoming Jungle/Drum & Bass Vinyl)


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Apr 14, 2006

Bass Master Warriors - Before I Let Jungle Go (Featuring Madia) [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

Time Travel - Preditor [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

Bass Master Warriors - Living In The Hood [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

Time Travel - Spiral 2 [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

Bass Master Warriors - Ten Grand Dub Plate [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

Time Travel - Dimension Rx [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

Bass Master Warriors - I Dont Give A Dam [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

Time Travel - Dark Energy [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

ASC - Slow Down [Over Shadow]

V7 Saxon Street - Fall Down [Vibes '93]

ASC - Lucid Dream [Over Shadow]

V7 Saxon Street - Combination [Vibez '93]

Es.tereo - Drifter Dub [Yuku]

V7 Saxon Street - V3 Saxon Street [Vibez '93]

Es.tereo - Perception (Forest Drive West Remix) [Yuku]

V7 Saxon Street - See Hee [Vibez '93]

Alpha Omega - Monster Killer [AKO Beatz]

Rumbleton - The Clearing Stick [AKO Beatz]

Alpha Omega - Crystal Ball [AKO Beatz]

Rumbleton - Warm & Basy [AKO Beatz]

Alpha Omega - 95 Sciences [AKO Beatz]

Rumbleton - 'Strong Ganja [AKO Beatz]

Alpha Omega - Look Into My Eyez [AKO Beatz]

Rumbleton - The Lone Dancer [AKO Beatz]

Eusebeia - Harvest [Rupture]

Loxy & Resound - Fall VIP [Cylon]

Eusebeia - The Conduit [Rupture]

Loxy & Resound - Empyre [Cylon]

Eusebeia - You Reap What You Sow [Rupture]

Loxy & Resound - Black Hole VIP [Cylon]

Eusebeia - Recognition [Rupture]

4 Hero - No Imitation [Reinforced]

4 Hero - Follow Your Heart 'Part Two' [Reinforced]

Njoi 🎼🎵🎶😎

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