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DJ Problem Child Live On Jungletrain.net 4.9.2019 (2019 OldSkool/Nuskool & ModernJungle Releases)


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Coco Bryce - Ayakashi [7th Storey Projects]

Rebuilder & Mysmiakos - Trust Me [Meditator Music]

Tom & Jerry - Physics II (Plate Version) [Tom & Jerry]

DJ Junk - Monsters & Demons (Remix) [Spandangle Selection]

DJ Pooch - Love Me Now (Remix) [Spandangle Selection]

Response & Pliskin - Stabland [Western Lore]

Response & Pliskin - Shadowrun (Feat. Lighta) [Western Lore]

Response & Pliskin - Hierarchy [Western Lore]

Response & Pliskin - Persecution [Western Lore]

Digital & Response - Broken Dub [Function]

Unknown - Light In Ghetto [Bring Back]

Shadowman - Spectre [Dead Beat]

Unknown - Lobster P [Bring Back]

Shadowman - Phenomena [Dead Beat]

Unknown - Night Selector [Bring Back]

Mani Festo - Warehouse Theory [Rupture]

Worldwide Epidemic - Untitled [Vivid]

Phineus II - Hog Roast [Green Bay Wax]

Phineus II - Energy Wave [Green Bay Wax]

Phineus II - Dome Trips [Green Bay Wax]

Dwarde & Tim Reaper - Untitled [Globex Corp]

Dwarde & Tim Reaper - Untitled [Globex Corp]

Threshold - Mars Attacks [Fresh 86]

Threshold - When It Rains It Pours [AKO Beatz]

The Guyver - Feel (Dubplate) [AKO Beatz - AKO Arcade]

DJ Stretch - Ganja Dub....... [AKO Beatz - AKO Arcade]

Manaia Toa - Rainbow Tune [Head Wound]

Njoi 😎

Mixcloud: Download/Heathis: https://hearthis.at/djproblemchild/djproblemchild-liveonjungletrainnet492019/
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