DJ Problem Child -Live On 31.10.2018 (Oldskool & Nuskool Vinyl Selection)


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D.J. Wax - Moments So Dark (Remix) [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

D.J. Wax - Not For Sale [8205]

D.J. Wax - PD-21 [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

D.J. Wax - 808 Darkness Pt2 [8205]

D.J. Wax - Morning Drums (Unreleased Mix) [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

D.J. Wax - Thunderbirds Are Go [8205]

D.J. Wax - Ohh Oh [Spandangle Selection/Forthcoming]

Breakbeat Scientist - You're Really Scaring Me [Jedi]

Tim Reaper - Untitled [Globex Corp]

Tim Reaper & Dwarde - Untitled [Globex Corp]

Keezee - Into The Depths [Jedi]

Tim Reaper & Sonar's Ghost - Untitled [Globex Corp]

Tim Reaper & Dwarde - Untitled [Untitled]

Worldwide Epidemic - Curious [Jedi]

Tim Reaper - Untitled [Globex Corp]

Tim Reaper & Dwarde - Untitled [Globex Corp]

Eze G - Music Box [Unatural Light]

Eze G - Yeah [Unatural Light]

Eze G - Funky People (Remix) [Unatural Light]

Coco Bryce - Adventures In Perception [Western Lore]

Dead Man's Chest & Coco Bryce - Trip II Trinity [Western Lore]

Response & Pliskin - Anima Morta [Western Lore]

Bay B Kane - Pussy (Raw Mix) [Spandangle Selection]

DJ Junk - Do It Do It (Remix) [Spandangle Selection]

Silkenator - Trapped [Deadbeat]

FX - The Time Of The Demon [Demonic Possession]

Silkenator - The System [Deadbeat]

FX - Some Place Dark [Demonic Possession]

Manaia Toa - True Force [Head Wound]

Njoi :)

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Did you a long time ago have a mix where you did a little scratch and had a song where a girl said, "Fuck me like a dog make me bark."? If so do you still have that mix?